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Carbs and Coffee 2023

We had the pleasure of being joined this weekend at our Carbs and Coffee event, on a beautiful summer’s day following a hesitant summer, by fellow enthusiasts and owners here at ADP Classic Racing.

A chance to take a look around the cars of other enthusiasts, chat and hear stories from others, to see some of our cars and to open the doors a little to what goes on here at ADP Classic Racing, and at TECNIQ.

Car passion!

One of the great things about cars and about car ownership is the universal passion people share across the world for the motor car. And what makes it sweeter is that it’s a passion that doesn’t just exist for car jewellery - those heralded, magazine-cover, movie-appearance cars - it’s a universal passion that exists across a spectrum of cars from the much-beloved and humble project right the way through to those incredible magazine-cover machines.

It was no less at Carbs and Coffee this weekend.

See Our Gallery ...

A community

We were joined by many people in what was a fabulous turnout.

We saw many wonderful machines, from the prestigious to the personal, from the humble family car to amazing models we rarely see. All were welcome, pawed over, admired and the subject of wonderful admiring conversation and the sharing of build stories, all of course three times longer than expected and no less over budget!.

F1 heritage

One of the highlights of the day was the moment a 1976 Williams-built, Wolf-Williams F1 car, raced by Jacky Ickx and Arturo Mezario during their 1976 F1 campaign, was wheeled into the sunshine and explosively started up.

A crowning moment for those who love their machinery, a rare chance to glimpse some heritage F1 engineering. Less of a crowning moment for those who value their hearing!

Giving back

This year we were very proud to support Rosie Rocks The World, a fund of the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG), raising money for research into Ewing sarcoma in memory of Rosie Burnside-Fitch.

Modern engineering amongst classic cars

We also had on display some of the amazing modern engineering TECNIQ deliver for their high-end clients with the interior engineering of both the Mercedes AMG One and Aston Martin’s Valkyrie AMR Pro, both poised in their bucks, dripping with carbon fibre engineering and technology and modern instrument panels and materials, befitting their £2m+ price tags. All designed, engineered and manufactured here in Witham!

Something for everyone

Carbs and coffee was a wonderful Sunday event with a little something for everyone …

  • A lap or two of Spa-Francorchamps courtesy of our racing simulator

  • A look around our workshop containing wonderful examples from Jaguar, Porsche, Lamborghini, Lotus, Aston Martin amongst others

  • We opened up our engine-build room, our paint booth and our fabrication area for a little look around.

  • Prizes for experts choice cars

  • A coffee and a cheese toastie

  • Streaming the match!

  • And a chance to raise awareness and funds for our chosen charity

Thank you to all who turned up and we look forward to seeing you next year!


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