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ADP Classic Racing’s engineers travel anywhere in the world to give an accurate assessment of any historic vehicle. We can advise on the precise body and mechanical condition of a potential acquisition, including highlighting any potential mechanical or body concerns which may compromise a purchase. 


Each inspection offers a comprehensive mechanical check. Major components and assemblies of the vehicle are inspected and assessed, 

including bodywork, interior, steering, transmission, suspension and electrics.


If the vehicle is in a running condition, permission allowing compression and leak-down tests can be completed and the vehicle can be driven if required. Our engineers will not only judge the condition of a vehicle, but also its originality.


With years of experience in restoration, engineering and supporting some of the worlds most desirable competition cars, we have the ability to identify non-original components, upgrades and repairs that compromise the integrity of a car's history and ultimate value.


Post-completion of the inspection, a detailed report, documented with photographic evidence, will be presented to the customer.

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